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to upgrade and protect your payment processing equipment. Stackers, wall mounts, spill covers, and privacy shields.


for processing electronic payments, new and refurbished. Terminals, pin pads, check readers, printers and pc software.


for all credit card machines, cash registers, and office machines. Thermal, 1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply roll paper, plus packs of sprocket and fan-fold paper.


to replace lost or broken items. Antenna, power packs, spindles, stylus pens, paper roll covers and roller bar assemblies, more!


for every credit card printer, new or obsolete! Also, ribbons and ink cartridges for office machines. All spool and cartridge ribbon types available.


for all POS payment needs. Cleaning cards, credit card imprinters, sales slips, decals. Counterfeit bill detector pens.


Wholesale Discount Prices on all credit card payment processing equipment and supplies, paper, ribbons, accessories, and replacement parts. Plus, inkjet and toner cartridges and roll paper for your office needs. Our experienced, friendly service representatives will help you find exactly what you're looking for!

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  • NO MERCHANT ACCOUNT REQUIRED to get the best service and cheapest prices on all your POS supplies and equipment needs!
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  • All Items Approved by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Telecheck and leading credit card equipment manufacturers such as Verifone, Eclipse, Hypercom, Nurit, Talento, Ingenico, Linkpoint, WaySystems, First Data, Magtek.
  • Giant Inventory of everyday point-of-sale items including credit card printer paper and ribbons, manual credit card imprinters, sales drafts, sales slips, charge slips, credit slips, and batch headers slips.
  • The Best Prices on Credit Card Accessories and Replacement Parts such as credit card terminal power supplies and cables, batteries, paper covers, ribbon covers, spindles, tip trays, stackers, cleaning cards, decals and signage.
  • The Latest Models of credit card terminals, pin pads, printers, check readers, portable terminals and wireless equipment plus payment processing software such as PC Charge, IC Verify and
We proudly offer secure online ordering. For your convenience, you may also fax your order or call us. If you have any questions or need equipment not listed, please contact us.

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